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Entrance of the Museum
in Bourgneuf En Retz

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  • In the audio-visuel room, a short document will invite you to a visit in the «Pays de Retz».
  • The soil in our country will be showed to you with maps and lots of geological samples.
  • Three glass cabinets have been provided with archeological objects from the different periods of prehistory in our country.
  • Coifs and local costumes are presented in six glass cabinets, describing a more recent past. There, you will find all the domestic objects which were used by our ancestors.
  • After a temporary exposition, you will be presented the different activities which were provided by the sea: salt and salt-marshes, fishing and some old fishing-boats as well as the different shell-fishes still living on the sea shore.
  • Then you will see the old agricultural tools that the farmers of old times used.
  • A presentation of an older open-air craft will show you that brick working was one of our most important local industries.
  • When you have visited an old residence of the country, you will be presented the old craftmen: blacksmith, carpenter, shoemaker, sabotmaker, spinner, innekeeper, cooper and the bakehouse.
                We hope that your visit will help you to appreciate our «Pays de Retz».

Visit the
Pays de Retz